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Digital Engagement Strategies for Original Products that Solve Problems and Improve Life.

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Founded 2015 in Scottsdale Arizona by Eric Jacobsen and Clark Busker. Zeropoint Agent Consultants, (ZAC) produces Digital Engagement and Multimedia Toolboxes exclusively for Brands within the Zeropoint / Cadmus ecosystem of companies. ZAC helps to Identify and Engage more Relevant Audiences with Captivating Multimedia, AI-driven Data, and Story-based Messaging.

ZAC builds end-end Custom Turfing Campaigns to augment Go To Market Strategies for maximum effect and profitability. Operating autonomously as a full-service Media House, or in concert with outside Teams to manage GTMS at any Level.

ZAC Partners with People and Products uniquely positioned for Exponential Growth, Rapid Expansion, and Unconventional Tactics.

Eric Jacobsen

Eric Jacobsen is one of those unconventional Advisers sought out by Founders and Connectors for their integrated thinking and the level of expertise they surround themselves with. Eric's calm and candid style answers opportunity and challenges equally with seasoned experience and collective Insight.

Backed by an array of unconventional strategies and tactics developed and executed by an Elite Team of Digital Samurai better known as "The Magnificent Seven" who together, solve problems, move mountains, and create endless opportunities for doing great business.

Eric attributes his relevance to who he surrounds himself with, and his ability to recognize Value and Opportunity where others don't. A quality he shares with the Creators he chooses to work with is an inherent aversion to bullshit, shenanigans, and manipulative practices. He's quick to point out that that doesn't make him special since most people feel the same way in regards to just about everything. Eric currently serves as TVCF (Team Visionary and Chief Facilitator) to the ZAC ecosystem of companies.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Albert Einstein


ZAC Gets Results by Generating Relevant Messaging for Real people, Copious Opportunities for doing Great Business and Reciprocity and Multifaceted Value.

ZAC Partners

Zeropoint Agent Consultancy would like to thank it valued strategic parnters for their ongoing support.

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